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in line with current industry practices...

This qualification is aligned to the Global Hospitality Certification, the new global certification for the hospitality industry, developed in partnership with Worldchefs and employers around the world. This unique combination brings this qualification in line with current industry practices.

This qualification covers transferable as well as job role specific skills, set out by employers, offering a holistic approach to training learners to be work ready. Sustainability awareness is now a key part of the offer, addressing a critical challenge for the hospitality industry globally.

By incorporating the latest industry trends and technology, the new global qualifications make graduates ready for the world of work, wherever they are in the world, taking their first step towards

a successful career in hospitality.

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Duration of training: 3 years

ready for the hospitality industry...

The Potchefstroom Chef Academy offers a 3-year international Diploma in Food Preparation & Cooking.  In order to gain valuable industry experience, students will receive industry training at The Roots function venue during the 1st and 2nd year.  The 3rd year of study is focused on industry experience at any establishment in the country.


After completion of the second year, students have the option to study a 1 year international Diploma in Patisserie at The Potchefstroom Chef Academy and simultaneously do the industry year on site at The Roots function venue.

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