It is an art to prepare an excellent dish. If you have a passion for food and want to pursue it as a career, we invite you to come and study the culinary arts, and become a master! Join us in exploring your talents at Potchefstroom Chef Academy, located at The Roots Lifestyle Center.  


Chef Nathan Robinson


Selmarie Grobler

Head of Academy

Chef Vasti Schönborn



Austin Haywood


The thought of enrolling into culinary school, after spending time in the logistics world, was both terrifying and thrilling. I mean, imagine the contrast between food and trucks? But my persistence to follow my passion exceeded all the difficulties and naysayers I would face.  The hustle and bustle in the kitchens of the Potchefstroom Chef Academy combined with the lively atmosphere and enthusiastic staff has made this an amazing learning experience for me.  This is what you'd call a perfect match! 

Tebogo Theko

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