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On site industry training

The Potchefstroom Chef Academy is closely linked to The Roots’ activities as a function venue on the premises.  This top facility provides an opportunity for students to gain practical in-house training in our 4 functional kitchens.

Versatile student town

The student can flourish in the versatile and quiet student city of Potchefstroom.

The city offers opportunities for sports enthusiasts as well as the art lover.  For students who will not be staying near the Academy, we have a daily shuttle service for transport.

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Quality training

Can food be art? Can a Chef ever aspire to be an artist? At the Potchefstroom Chef Academy you will discover that cooking is about transforming ordinary ingredients into extraordinary dishes - to be passionate about cooking and to create magic!

What makes us different?

Being a Chef
is the hardest job
you will ever love...

"the best part of being a chef is the rush of being in the kitchen and seeing the team put out great food, having an idea become a reality on the plate and seeing the smiles on the guests face when they enjoy the food."

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Meet the lecturers

Nathan Robinson


Stephen Smith


Meet the Founder & Head:
Selmarie Grobler

The Potchefstroom Chef Academy was founded by the owner and Managing Director Selmarie Grobler. Selmarie is also the founder and owner of The Roots function venue. The Potchefstroom Chef Academy operates on the premises of The Roots and students gain valuable industry experience from their first year on.  

Our sister companies


The Roots is a full-service events company.  It offers complete event planning and coordination services. This includes events such as weddings, gala events, shows,  birthday parties, formal and informal dines, conferences.


The Roots Academy offers a 3 year certificate in conference and events organising.



The Roots Cafe operates on the premises of the Roots.  Students can order delicious meals here.

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